What career after a BBA?

You are about to finish high school and you are planning on starting your studies in a business school? In that case, one of the best choices for you is to start a BBA. It is one of  the first programs you can join for your higher studies and it will bring you many opportunities.

Discover what career awaits you after the BBA and why you should choose to pursue one!


Choose among multiple concentrations!

Before joining a BBA, you should make sure to choose a concentration that matches your ambitions. Most BBAs will let you choose between numerous options, along with a common program that teaches general skills in business and international trade. Here are some of the careers you can choose after your BBA, depending on your concentration.

International finance

If you want to manage the finance of a company over many countries, international finance is made for you. You will learn to analyze the finance of a company and to find how to improve the efficiency of its activities and increase its turnover.

International finance is a transversal sector, which means you can work for any type of company as long as it is large enough to have an internal financial department. You can also work for a bank or a consulting agency.

A BBA is perfect to start a career in finance. You can for example become:

  • a financial analyst,
  • a finance director,
  • a trader,
  • a financial controler.

International business

International business offers many opportunities! With the Internet and the rise of international exchanges, companies (including consultancy agencies, logistic companies, banks, etc.) are looking for professionals who can manage their activities in multiple countries.

Many challenges await those who choose this sector. You will have to work with different cultures, in different languages and other laws. International business is an interesting and rewarding sector to work in after your BBA.

Among the numerous opportunities, you may become:

  • a sales executive,
  • an international logistic manager,
  • an international export manager,
  • a business developer.

International marketing

International marketing is also a growing sector. As companies develop their activities in multiple countries, they need to hire collaborators who know to create a successful campaign abroad.

Communication and marketing strategies that work in your home country might not work at all in another. Worse: it may even backfire and start a bad buzz around your company. This is the reason why companies prefer to work with people who know the country they want to expand to.

Here again, you will find many opportunities. After you BBA in international business, you may become:

  • a marketing executive,
  • a digital marketer,
  • a director of marketing,
  • a social media manager.

Why is a BBA a perfect choice to start your career?

A BBA is one of the best options for students who want to work in business development and management. Here are the main reasons why you should choose a BBA to start your career!

To choose a concentration that matches your goal

With a BBA, you can choose a concentration that matches your professional goal. You can start your career in many different ways. You can choose marketing to promote your company or you can choose to become a manager to become the leader of a team. You will learn transversal skills that will be applicable in a lot of jobs!

Besides, a BBA is a fast way to start your career. BBA students often find a job faster than most Bachelor’s degree holders.

To learn valuable skills

One of the key aspects of BBAs is that they teach transversal skills. Profiles that are specialized in management, marketing or finance are some of the most sought-after. All sectors need collaborators who can manage a company and promote its products or services. Which means you can work in any sector you are passionate about! Do you like cars? The automotive industry needs international managers. Are you more interested in luxury goods? Here again, you will find opportunities that match your profile!

To pursue an international program

A BBA is also a logical start if you want to work in international business. This diploma is globally recognized and, usually, the program stresses the importance of international business. Classes are totally in English (including in schools located in non-English speaking countries), exchange programs are signed between international institutions and you may earn a double diploma.

To start your professional network

One of the most important aspects of your studies is that they help you build your own professional network. Why do you need one, you may ask? It is crucial to have a lot of relationships with other professionals. They will help you find job opportunities to start your career faster, they may become clients or maybe you will hire them when you start your own business?

To push your studies further

Do you want to continue your studies after you complete your BBA? This diploma can actually be the stepstone to longer studies! You can choose to pursue a Master of Business Administration, you will learn advanced skills that will help you reach high positions faster! Moreover, the transversal skills that you learnt during your BBA will be very useful in the high positions you will reach during your career. Discover The American Business School’s American MBA!

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