Careers and job prospects DBA

The DBA: combining academic knowledge and professional practice for career development.


In partnership with Franklin University, the DBA program enables students to acquire advanced research skills, culminating with a thesis. At the end of the DBA, doctoral students will be able to apply for strategic positions in companies in both France and abroad.



A Strong Message for Employers

Obtaining a DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) provides operational knowledge and demonstrates in-depth professional understanding – qualities highly sought by executives who are looking for high-performing colleagues.

For recruiters, a DBA is a key element as part of someone’s educational background. It not only shows savoir-faire, but also interpersonal skills and a genuine desire for performance. It enables graduates to access new opportunities in multiple sectors. 

A DBA is therefore an indisputable accelerator for career opportunities. It allows a person to access strategic positions in a wide variety of sectors, whether in the public or private sectors in France or abroad.



New Skills for Upcoming Opportunities to Explore

Making the decision to invest in a DBA is an undeniable investment in the future:

  • First, it’s an investment in the future of the company and its particular stakes, since the learner will contribute their new, in-depth knowledge to help the company evolve. This brings considerable added value to the company. For three years, the student/manager will conduct an in-depth research project related to a challenge within their company. 
  • Second, it’s an investment in the future of the employee whose professional expertise combined with this research project will both broaden their horizons and strengthen their abilities and skills.


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