As anywhere else, the cost of living is higher in the capital than in other parts of the country. A general estimation for a year of study in France would be 10 000€ to 13 000€ for international students. In late November 2020, 1€ = 1.20$.

However, do not be afraid.


Studies are much cheaper in France compared to the United States or United Kingdom. Since we know how important the costs are for students, we will break down everything you should know about the price of studying in France for international students.

France is a popular country for international students, mainly because of the low cost of education, and because its culture is renowned all around the globe. Now, let’s see what is the cost of living in Paris.



To live correctly without any help, you will need approximately 1 100€ in Paris, but it can be much more depending on where you live (in the center or in the suburbs) and on your lifestyle.

Example: here is an approximation for normal expenses in Paris.


Estimated cost

Meals 2 meals at an University restaurant 3.25 € x 2
Restaurant 15€
Meal at McDonalds 9€
Light weekly grocery bill 40-50€
Rent/month Studio apartment with the CROUS (see below) 300€-500€
1 bedroom apartment 800-1200€
Phone and internet access and electricity/month Total 130€
Public transport Yearly pass for a student 333.90€
Taxi 1 hour 40€
Gasoline 1L 1.55€
Other expenses (examples) Fitness club for an adult 40€
Pair of jeans 86€
Movie seat 11€

Source: Numbeo for Paris




There are a lot of « résidences universitaires » (student accommodation) and « restos universitaires » (university restaurants) where you can benefit from your student status. Indeed, prices are much lower than what you could find outside these structures:

  • University restaurant: With your student card, you can expect a full meal for around 3-6€.
  • University Library: You can take advantage of promotions for printing which will save you up to 50-70% off the normal price.
  • Discounts on a lot of cultural and fun activities you will find in Paris: football club, theater, skating rink, free museum passes, swimming pools…

Expenses in tuition and others

Tuition fees

Studying in Paris in a private school such as The American Business School of Paris can cost a few thousand euros depending on the program you chose.

If you want to know more about the tuition fees, check our dedicated page.


Funding for studies can be reduced with a scholarship. Foreign students can usually be granted scholarships based on social or meritocratic criteria. Please inform yourself long time in advance. You may apply for a lot of scholarships. We invite you to check the official website to discover all the possibilities.




Every foreign student who wants to study in France needs social security but you really don’t have to worry about that before coming to France. You just need to know that affiliation to the Social Security is made during your administrative registration. You will have to pay around 200€. It allows you to be covered for the risks of illness and hospitalization during your studies.

Notice: Social Security does not reimburse 100% of the cares, so you will need to subscribe to an additional healthcare cover (student mutual fund) which will cost you between 6€ and 50€ per month. The best-known student mutual funds are LMDE and MEP.

Tips by a student

Here are a some tips and things to know for foreign students interested in studying in Paris, written by a student:

  • Leboncoin: it is a portal for selling new and secondhand goods throughout the whole country and there is a section dedicated to accommodation.
  • A lot of French students do not go through professional agencies to find an apartment for rent because of the high cost of the services.
  • Blablacar: it is the world’s largest long-distance ridesharing community, connecting drivers with empty seats to people travelling to the same destination.
  • The CROUS: it is an organization that helps students in a lot of ways. They usually have restaurants where you can copiously eat for less than 5€.
  • Bicycle rental: in Paris, Velib’ can be very useful. It’s the biggest company for bike sharing system. 10€/week.
  • Phone applications for Paris: RATP, Le Parisien Sortie, L’internaute Restos, Free Wifi Paris.

If you want to study in Paris and you still are looking for a school, The American Business School of Paris offers a lot of programs in international business!

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