The School of International Management in Paris

ABSParis offers one-of-a-kind training programs in France, allowing students to discover international job opportunities in the sectors of business and management.

school of international management

ABSPARIS, the school of international management of Paris

Business school students are keenly sought for their skills and knowledge of the international context. The American Business School of Paris’s goal is to guide you in this process, through a curriculum based on the American education system. Its program is accessible:

  • For high school graduates and French university students who would like to immerse themselves in an international program.
  • For international students who want an American education in Paris.

What is a Business School in France ?

In France, business schools have an international focus. The latter’s objective is to train the executive managers of tomorrow, in various economic sectors.

Well-Rounded Programs

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The programs proposed are oriented towards international business, but also include a broader education, such as:

  • management ;
  • marketing ;
  • law ;
  • modern languages ;
  • communication.

Just a few of the many subjects that are taught at a business school.

Door-Opening Degrees


ABSParis prepares students for degrees with great added value on the job market. They give access to sought-after careers for rapid occupational integration.

The dual recognition of our programs attests to their excellence!

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International immersion

international immersion

International immersion is the school’s raison d’être.

The American Business School of Paris’s mission is to provide international open-mindedness to its students. They are meant to become corporate executives, capable of initiative and ready to join multicultural teams.

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Strong Values

strong values

The school is continuously improving the quality of its education, while at the same time instilling in its students such values as diversity, tolerance, as well as the meaning of responsibility at the social level.

The school also endeavors to encourage its students to prioritize ethical principles in their decision-making process whether it is personal or professional.

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fady fadel

“At the American Business School of Paris we are thrilled to offer an environment for growth where a student can acquire behavioral and technical skills.
Indeed, as an international school since 1985, the American Business School of Paris provides its students the best of an American education combined with the best of French and European advantages.

At the end of your student program, you will obtain two degrees: one American diploma accredited in the United States of America and a French diploma certified and accredited by the French public authorities.

The ABSParis community – made up of students, alumni, professors, the administrative staff and partners – is place of total immersion so that students can experience an international and intercultural lifestyle in the heart of Paris.

Academic semesters abroad in the United States and Asia also help round out your international vision.

The school’s Alumni network is present in more than 70 different countries, its dual degree as well as your your interpersonal skills, represent unprecedented opportunities for an international career.”

Fady Fadel, Ph.D., Dea

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