A Groupe IGS School

With over 45 years of experience, Groupe IGS is a federation of independent, non-profit organizations. It offers an open education model that is accessible to all and provides life-long learning opportunities which combine the ambitions of students with the needs of today's companies.

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Whatever their unique characteristics, talents, or background may be, we aim to empower students to become a driving force in today's transitions and help invent a world of opportunity for all.

HUMANISM - For our belief in the potential of each individual and our pursuit of peaceful and united coexistence in the world.

ENGAGEMENT - For our belief in continuous improvement of the quality of our educational programs and our desire to adopt a responsible and respectful attitude towards the environment

OPEN-MINDEDNESS - For our desire to learn from other people and places and our actions to ensure access to education for all.


Driven by an ambition to offer comprehensive and adapted educational opportunities available in multiple learning modes, Groupe IGS's activity is structured around 5 main divisions.

These divisions work together to provide personalized support to all students, learners, or trainees, at every stage of their education.

Our post-secondary schools and training centers confer state approved degrees in 8 fields of expertise:

  • Human Resources (IGS-RH) ;
  • Management - Finance - Law (ESAM) ;
  • Sales - Marketing - Services industries (ICD) ;
  • International Management (The American Business School of Paris / CEFAM partner school) ;
  • Journalism - Communication - Production (ISCPA) ;
  • Management for Healthcare Industries (IMIS) ;
  • Computers and Digital Technology Technology (IPI) ;
  • Real Estate (IMSI).

Our approach and our commitment have convinced more than 10,000 corporate partners, with whom we proudly work together to find and prepare the talented individuals who will help their companies adapt and continue to grow in the future.
In pursuing our mission, we can rely on one of our major strengths: a committed faculty hailing from both the corporate and academic worlds, dedicated to ensuring the success of all.

Welcome to Group IGS

Welcome to a world of opportunities.


At a glance

We offer an open education model where all are welcome, whatever their unique characteristics, ambitions, or background might be. Through a wide array of degree programs which blend high academic standards with career readiness, we empower all our students to make their mark and become a driving force in today's changing world.

  • More than 45 years of educational innovation
  • 10 post-secondary schools and 5 training centers
  • A network of 80,000 alumni, including 20,000 in the field of RH
  • 3 campuses in France + an extensive European and International Network
  • 8 fields of professional expertise
  • More than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs
  • More than 120 partner universities in France and abroad
  • 15,000 students enrolled every year, including 8,500 work study and apprenticeship programs
  • A network of 3,400 professors, instructors, advisors and professional experts
  • 3 project incubators and 1 collaborative co-working space that includes a Learning Lab and a Fab Lab
  • Campuses excellent professional development opportunities for faculty
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Our accreditations



  1. International culture
  2. Multiculturalism in the spotlight
  3. Recognized diplomas
  4. International at the heart of our programs
  5. 100% in English