Why choose ABSParis?

Choosing the American Business School of Paris means choosing a business school based on the American education system, which provides international opportunities as of day 1. 


Having an international profile is one of the most sought after attributes that recruiters are looking for right now. It is a clear indication of open-mindedness and adaptability at a time when agility has become one of the most important criteria for HR Directors. The American Business School of Paris adapts to recruiters’ expectations in order to offer you a program that corresponds with the professional world.


8 Reasons to Choose the American Business School of Paris

Our Business School incorporates the best of the American education system coupled with the best of French practices in order to provide a unique program dedicated to your future occupational integration. The American Business School of Paris is:


#1 International Culture

ABSPARIS is a business school that immerses you in international culture from day 1.




#2 Multiculturalism in the Spotlight

ABSPARIS is a multicultural school with French students as well as 70% international students (a community of 80 nationalities).


#3 Accredited Diplomas

The American diplomas – Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees – are recognized in France and around the world.



education of ABSParis

#4 The Best in Education

ABSPARIS combines American educational methods with European training practices.


#5 Internationally Focused Programs

Over a 4-year program, 1 to 4 academic semesters are spent abroad plus students carry out a 12-month internship in France or abroad.



immersion usa

#6 Immersion in the United States

Academic semesters in the United States so that you can truly enrich your academic background and acquire a dual specialization.


#7 A System that Respects Students

The flexibility of the American education system makes it possible for you to evolve at your own pace.




#8 100% in English

100% of courses taught in English so you can become truly bilingual: 25% of our students speak at least 3 languages! 


“The American Business School of Paris offers a unique international business experience, based on the American educational system, in the heart of Paris.
ABS Paris diplomas are recognized all over the world. Our graduates have a reputation as independent, innovative thinkers who have gained real professional experience during their time as students working with top companies in a diversity of fields. At the American Business School of Paris, you are not just a student passively listening to lectures. We believe in learning by doing, and our interactive project-based courses allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of international business from day one.
Get ready to launch your career to the next level by enrolling at the American Business School of Paris.”

Jessica O’Brien, Associate Dean

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