Are you about to finish high school and are you wondering where to start your studies? Have you ever considered pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration, also called a BBA? The American Business School of Paris introduces you to this diploma that will open many doors for you, especially if you are planning on starting an international career !


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree in higher education, originally created in North America, that is now available in universities in the entire world. The BBA lasts for 4 years in America, while in Europe, it lasts usually for 3 years.

As its name implies, a Bachelor of Business Administration is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company while also allowing specialization in a particular area. Most BBAs let you choose between different majors so that you can follow personalized studies and reach your professional goal. Business Schools may offer majors such as international finance, international business, or international marketing.

BBAs have a lot of advantages for students, namely :

  • BBAs are a great way to start an international career, especially when you decide to go abroad for your studies.
  • BBAs tend to renew their programs regularly to stay relevant to today’s companies’ practices and challenges.
  • BBAs give you access to many jobs, in different sectors, which allows you to pursue the career of your dreams.
  • BBAs allow non-native English speakers to practice and improve their skills. Depending on the country where you decide to pursue your studies, you may even learn another language !



Studying abroad

If you want to live a great learning experience, studying abroad is the best choice. There is no better way to open your mind to other cultures, other ideas, and other ways to see the world. It is also an experience that will help you mature. In your host country, you will learn to be independent.

By studying abroad, you show recruiters that you are not afraid to leave your comfort zone and that you are ready to learn and experience new things. If you want to start an international career, going to a different country is mandatory to show that you have the right mindset to work in a multicultural context.

Studying in Paris

When contemplating studying abroad, there are several reasons why you should choose Paris. It is one of the major student cities in France, and even Europe. There, you will enjoy a high quality of life, and a rich cultural environment.

Picture yourself, between classes or in the weekend, exploring the many streets of the City of Lights, from the old medieval Île de la Cité, where you can marvel at the sight of Notre-Dame de Paris to the modern and enjoyable Canal Saint-Martin, there will always be something new to discover. The incredible number of museums (either very classical or dedicated to contemporary art forms) will let you enlarge your culture and open your mind to new ideas and ways of expression.

Not forgetting the quality of life. Whether you love to have a drink with friends and enjoy a high-quality meal in a restaurant to celebrate the end of a semester, you will never run out of places to enjoy. France and Paris are world-renowned for their cuisine. Why not choose a city where you can taste some of the best food in the world ?



BBAs will give you access to a wide range of work opportunities. International companies are always looking for new talents, and you will be specially trained to work in sectors such as sales, finance, marketing, or management. With a BBA acquired abroad, you can become :

  • A marketing executive
  • A retail manager
  • An international buyer
  • A HR analyst, etc.

But your international studies don’t have to stop after you complete your BBA. You can access more advanced management positions by pursuing an MBA, for instance. With a higher degree, you will be able to access jobs such as :

  • Business developer
  • Innovation manager
  • International partnerships director
  • Public relations director
  • Business planning consultant, etc.

Not forgetting the possibility to start your own company! A BBA can be the basis of a successful career as an entrepreneur!



If you are interested in a BBA in Paris, the American Business School of Paris offers a 4-year program that will help you reach your goal! This program is acknowledged in France and in the United States so you will earn a dual degree: an American BBA degree accredited in the United States by the IACBE, and a French degree, equivalent to a French Master’s degree, registered at the RNCP. It offers 3 majors depending on what sector you want to work in :

  • International Finance
  • International Business
  • International Marketing

The American Business School Paris’s BBA program is structured around a core curriculum providing students with all the knowledge required for developing and managing a business. You will also benefit from a professional experience during an internship in France or abroad, and you can choose to study for a semester or an entire academic year in one of our partner universities around the world.

Join the American Business School of Paris for your BBA !

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