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Before you can benefit from the online payment of your registration confirmation fees, it is imperative that you have first submitted the duly completed and signed study contract, accompanied by the necessary supporting documents.

For the payment of these registration confirmation fees, we use the services of a specialized service provider, PAYBOX, which ensures the reliability of the transactions made on our Site. PAYBOX encrypts all your personal data, which are necessary for the registration of your application, at the time of their entry. During their unique transfer via Internet, it is impossible to read them.

The data collected on this occasion are the name, first name and e-mail of the student and the cardholder as well as the chosen training.

The publisher does not have access to your bank details in any way.

Payment of the registration confirmation fee is also possible by check.

Banks domiciled in France are obliged to cover the risk of fraudulent use of your credit card.

In the event of such use, you must immediately inform your bank.




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