On February 18th, the American Business School of Paris launched the 6th edition of the Company Case Challenge, a professional activity inspired by the Harvard Business School’s method of bringing real business cases into the classroom. This project is designed for students with an excellent academic profile and gives them the opportunity to work on a real business case that will enrich their professional experience.

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During two months, our students worked in multicultural teams and in close collaboration with partner companies to address real business issues. This year, our ninety students committed themselves to this 100% online mission to meet the challenges of our fourteen partner companies and deliver concrete yet creative solutions.

During the 2-day launching session, they first met their selected team and academic tutor to learn about the goals and mission of the Company Case Challenge, and then met their company tutor who briefed them about the company’s background and challenges that would need to be addressed. Students and tutors then met weekly to work on the company case challenge.

After seven weeks of hard work, on April 15th, the students presented their innovative recommendations to the professionals and academic jury. The Monoprix team even had the opportunity to present it again to the Monoprix executives.

And finally, on May 17th, the students received their final results and 3 teams obtained the best company grade: Mazars, SAP, and Meero. Congratulations to them, and all the participants for their quality work!

We would like to thank again our fourteen partner companies who made this possible by dedicating their time and precious advice to ensure the success of this remote edition: Adsearch, ATS, Auditoire, Doctolib Jo&Joe, Mazars, Meero, Monoprix, Nike, Printemps, Sanofi, SAP, Valeo, and YouScribe.

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We look forward to the next edition with new, exciting challenges and valuable experiences for our ABSParis students!


Discover Tahir’s testimonial about the Company Case Challenge 2021:



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