MBA in Entrepreneurship and International Business Development

The 2-year MBA in Entrepreneurship and International Business Development is accessible after three years of undergraduate studies.


MBA in Entrepreneurship & International Business Development

This MBA proposed by the American Business School of Paris places entrepreneurship at the heart of its program.

The entrepreneur must be able to:

  • Detect development opportunities
  • Manage a team and project while incorporating essential values such as creativity and innovation.


mba entrepreneurship

The MBA program in Entrepreneurship and International Business Development

The MBA1 program

This program is “customized” according to the curriculum that the student has already completed in order to provide them with all of the skills necessary to become a future entrepreneur. The classes proposed come from the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course catalogue.

The MBA2 program

The second year of the Master of Business Administration enables you to acquire in-depth knowledge in international business creation or takeovers.The MBA2 is composed of 42 American credits (e.g. 84 ECTS credits). It takes place over the course of 12 months.


Core curriculum: 8 courses, 24 credits

  • Management of Innovation
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Business Law & Ethics
  • International Economics & Micro Markets
  • Strategic Marketing & Branding
  • Global & eMarketing
  • Intercultural Management & International Negotiation
  • Project Management

Specialization: 4 courses, 11 credits

  • International Business Finance
  • International Partnerships and Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Advanced Business Planning
  • Business Plan Jury Presentations

Other courses: 9 credits

  • Business Games
  • Company Case
  • MBA Tour
  • Practical training, thesis & defense

Ina Dimitrova’s story, class of 2009, facilities management project for Eastern Europe

“The American Business School of Paris helped prepare me to take on responsibilities, be effective in my work, know how to communicate at all hierarchical levels and obtain optimal results in minimal time.
My professors helped me the most by constantly challenging me, which forced me to surpass myself time and time again. Knowing how to creatively evolve, find a solution quickly and delegate are key skills that I developed throughout my program.”

Our accreditations


  1. International culture
  2. Multiculturalism in the spotlight
  3. Recognized diplomas
  4. International at the heart of our programs
  5. 100% in English