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During the 3-year program, students are required to do several interships to gain professional experience by their graduation.

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Luxury, a Universe of Opportunities 

  • 170,000 people work in the luxury industry in France
  • 100,000 people work for French luxury companies abroad

The most well-known markets in the past have been:

  • Europe
  • United States
  • Japan

China has now become the second global market after the United States. Things change. The luxury sector is therefore a market in constant flux.


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New Areas to Conquer 

Future growth will be generated by:

  • Emerging markets in South America
  • Asia
  • Africa

The American Business School of Paris trains you in international luxury professional practices.


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The Luxury and Fashion Industries ​​​​​​​

The Market in a Few Figures

  • 217 billion Euros in 2013
  • 250 billion Euros in 2015
  • 385 billion Euros in 2025
  • France’s market share: 29% in 2013
  • 270,000 people work in France or for French companies abroad

According to the 2019 Global Powers of Luxury Goods rankings carried out by Deloitte, the 100 largest global luxury companies have generated:

  • 247 billion dollars in total business revenue
  • e.g. a growth in sales of 10.8%


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Job Prospects in the Luxury Sector

Companies from the luxury sector will need to massively recruit in the upcoming years for the following positions:

  • Project managers
  • Digital and ebusiness project managers
  • Brand managers
  • Sales directors
  • PR directors
  • Sales coordinators
  • Luxury store managers
  • Brand builders
  • Luxury buyer

Our accreditations



  1. International culture
  2. Multiculturalism in the spotlight
  3. Recognized diplomas
  4. International at the heart of our programs
  5. 100% in English