Key job skills required for commerce graduates

As you may already know, technical skills alone are necessary but not sufficient. In an increasingly competitive environment, personal skills are of prime importance. In fact, according to a Michael Page x Cadremploi study, nearly 40% of sales executives use their soft skills more than their know-how on a daily basis. Moreover, 70% of employers say they are ready to hire a salesperson mainly on the basis of his/her personal qualities! To help you understand the difference between hard skills, soft skills and mad skills, the American Business School of Paris provides a short glossary to kick-start your career in commerce!


Hard skills refer to essential technical knowledge

Obviously, solid technical skills are essential to succeed in your missions in the commercial field, whether it be e-commerce or international commerce. Throughout your studies in a business school, you will learn to identify and analyze the needs of your target audience to provide the most suitable product or service to meet their expectations. You need to master sales techniques to perfection and show strong managerial skills if you lead and manage sales teams. Your hard skills may extend beyond traditional sales techniques to cover aspects of marketing, CRM, social selling and digital tools.

Soft skills to enhance your sales profile

Never before have recruiters valued soft skills so highly. Here are the most valued soft skills in the commerce field: 

  • listening skills ;
  • autonomy
  • teamwork skills,
  • reliability ;
  • adaptability ;
  • reactivity;
  • creativity;
  • stress resistance;
  • empathy
  • curiosity
  • sincerity ;
  • motivation ;
  • patience;
  • perseverance.

Mad skills to stand out in the job market

Have you heard of mad skills? These are original and rather unusual qualities that one acquires over the years through the practice of a sport or hobby. Mad skills allow you to stand out on the job market and to differentiate yourself from candidates with similar educational backgrounds.

For example, your love for traveling can prove your ability to adapt to the unexpected and the unknown. Likewise, rigorous practice of music over a long period of time shows your discipline and dedication. Those who sing on stage can build on this experience in public speaking and their important vocal techniques that can be used in communication. Finally, your practice of extreme sports shows that you know how to take calculated risks.

As you can see, while your technical skills are obviously a crucial point on your resume, soft skills now play a critical part in your employability. During your training at the American Business School of Paris, you will have access to workshops, coaching sessions, assistance in creating your resume and mock interviews to showcase your skills!