Future of HR and management: Intrapreneurship, remote working, freelance…

The future of HR and management is taking shape today in an unstable environment affected by the Covid and the fast-paced digitalization of companies. New organizational needs are emerging and pushing towards new ways of working. How can HR and managers adapt to these transformations? Let's find out!

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HR needs to think and act outside the box 

To improve its emotional intelligence and better spread entrepreneurial thinking, the HRM (human resources management) function must challenge the current prevailing organizational culture, the traditional mode of recruitment and the current methods of career management and internal mobility.

The HRM approach must evolve towards more pragmatism, consistency and transparency. In other words, the HR function must adapt to the new generation and move away from the unnecessary bureaucratic constraints. Young employees perceive companies as a pleasant and stimulating environment that allows them to express their potential and gives meaning to their daily lives. A survey by the advertising agency Sparks & Honey reveals that 72% of these young people are passionate about entrepreneurship. 

HR departments will need to adapt to these transformations that reshape the job market in order to attract the best "intrapreneurs" and retain them to gain a competitive advantage. The company will then be able to leverage their innovative ideas through effectual reasoning.

Companies need to adapt to more flexible ways of working

The unprecedented situation that the world has been experiencing since the beginning of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic is pushing a growing number of companies to consider remote working as a long-term solution to ensure the continuation of their activities. More importantly, this situation is a great opportunity for HR departments to reposition themselves at the core of the business and play their strategic role: lead the adoption of new ways of working, of digital tools, of new ways of operating and managing while preserving cohesion, productivity and competitiveness.

HR departments need to take a proactive stance and anticipate the gradual disappearance of geographical constraints in the service sector. Human resources departments will have to integrate remote working as a normal way of doing business and make it part of the company's management practices and models. Gone are the days of 100% face-to-face office work with a standard way of operating. 

Freelance, flex office, nomadism, smart office and digital workplace are here to stay as they match the specific needs of each employee. HR departments are at the core of this shift. They must manage change while preserving social ties, team cohesion and the company's profitability.

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