What is sports business management and what jobs are available?

If you are passionate about sports, chances are you want to work in this sector. Sports offer opportunities for students who are skilled in management. What is sports business management? What kind of job can you find? What are the specificities of this sector? With The American Business School of Paris, discover this exciting world!


What are the characteristics of sports business management?

Sports business management is a sector specialized in managing different businesses related to sports. It usually deals with organizing sporting events, managing companies that sell sports equipment. Managing a professional athlete (finding sponsors, competitions and teams to join, etc.) or a team is also a common occupation in the sector.

Sport is an industry known for its incredibly high returns. For instance, in 2019, the NBA earned $8.76 billion and the NFL (National Football league) earned $16 billion! With such high stakes, the involved companies will recruit mostly people who know the specifics of the sector.

Sports is an ever-evolving industry. It adapts to societal and technological changes. The advent of the Internet has changed the way to promote events or products and innovation is constantly bringing new challenges. In recent years, esports became more and more prominent and professional gamers now have a similar status to that of international football or basketball players. Many opportunities are created and ready to be taken by newcomers in the sector!

Career in sports business management

Since sports business management encompasses many types of companies, it offers diverse job opportunities. Depending on your skills and what you are the most passionate about, you can find the perfect job for you! Countless companies operate in sports and are hiring skilled managers. For instance, you can work for:

  • sports federations,
  • sports clubs,
  • sporting goods retailers,
  • communication and marketing agencies specialized in sports events.

With such a wide range of employers, of course, there are many career choices for you. Here are some of the jobs you can access:

  • sports marketing manager,
  • sports shop manager,
  • sports event manager,
  • sponsorship manager,
  • athlete manager.

And, as all companies, sports leagues or sports goods retailers are always looking for specialized professionals in positions such as:

  • communication director,
  • project manager,
  • product manager,
  • business developer,
  • press secretary…

And of course, you always have the opportunity to start your own business in sports business!

What course?

To get these jobs, it is not mandatory to pursue a specialized course. But if you really want to work in sports business management, you will definitely need to do it. The competition with other applicants is hard and you need to have the perfect profile, otherwise, it is likely that companies will rather choose someone with a more specialized resume. Having pursued a dedicated program is the best way to make a difference with recruiters. They will know you were trained in the specific problematics of their sector and that you are dedicated to your passion.

If you want to start your career in sports business management, The American Business School of Paris has the perfect program for you!

Discover our Bachelor in Sports Management! This 3-year program 100% in English is designed to help students start their career in the sector. Thanks to our flexible schedule, we also welcome professional athletes who wish to keep training and competing during their studies. Discover The American Business School’s Sports Academy and how it can help you achieve your sports and business goals!

The Bachelor in Sports Management is an international program open to students from all around the world. When you complete the program, you earn an accredited double diploma:

  • an American diploma certified by the IACBE,
  • a Bachelor’s degree in partnership with the ICD, one of IGS Group’s member schools.

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