Social networks and brand strategy are the new big challenges for brands

Consumer trends have undergone a profound transformation over the last decade. For one, we witnessed the rise of ethical consumers, a new category of buyers looking for quality but also for transparency, local and eco-designed products, etc. As they are imposing their will on the market, brands need to build customer loyalty and go beyond Outbound Marketing messages and advertising.


Digital marketing and content marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way customers see their buying journey. New consumer patterns have emerged and are challenging marketing teams in both B2B and B2C. During the numerous lockdowns, consumers switched to online media and e-commerce. With the rise of digitalization and the transformation of consumer habits, marketers are trying to adapt to these new trends by implementing effective digital and content marketing strategies. 

The two strategies are interrelated to support the company's performance and ensure its development while forging privileged links with customers through techniques that better meet their needs and expectations. 

Digital marketing aims to commercialize products or services by taking advantage of various digital technologies. It allows to develop the notoriety of a brand in order to increase sales and achieve a higher income. Among the approaches used in a digital marketing strategy are search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), social media advertising (SMA), email marketing and video marketing.

The same goes for content marketing, which allows to create a strong brand image and to increase the visibility and the ranking of websites in the SERPs. To achieve this, marketers rely on blog posts, social media posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, etc.

What role does integrated marketing play?

As a strategy to align marketing methods such as mass marketing, one-to-one marketing (or Account-Based Marketing in B2B) and direct marketing, integrated marketing aims to accentuate and support the impact of each method on the prospects and customers. This strategy will also use market data to develop products, customer service, distribution, etc. Brands must use the various marketing tactics as part of their integrated marketing strategy to achieve their productivity and revenue goals. They need to ensure that digital marketing teams can communicate effectively with traditional marketing, customer service, branding and Sales teams.

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