From June 1st to 11th, our MBA students attended the 2021 MBA Innovation Seminar. This 100% online program has been designed in partnership with the Institute of Business Innovation at the University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business to provide key insights on the future of innovation and digital transformation. The aim is to help the students understand exactly how innovation will play a role in their future organizations and how they can face today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges with confidence.


The 2021 MBA Innovation Seminar program comprised of five Master Classes on exciting topics such as Open Innovation, Data Science and Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking, Finance & Data, and AI applied to business. The Master Classes were coupled with networking events with leaders from LinkedInTwitterCisco, and Peet’s Coffee to discuss their key success factors and strategic action plans to cope with the pandemic.​​​​​​​


The 2021 MBA Innovation seminar defined the critical connection between innovation and strategy, and outlined the organizational requirements for successful innovation, and included detailed interactive analysis. Our students had to write a 2-3-page paper about a subject that has piqued their interest and then a self-pitch 3-minute video about their profile, career goals, and assets. They obtained a certificate from the Institute of Business Innovation Berkeley Haas School of Business: an innovation Open Badge. This Open Badge recognizes the participation of leaders of innovation in Berkeley’s Institute for Business Innovation workshops.


Despite the remote organization due to the pandemic, the 2021 MBA Innovation Seminar was highly appreciated by our students: 61% felt that the seminar was overall good, and 18% found it excellent. 100% of our students found the program well-rounded, and 86% of our participating students said they learned new things from the seminar. This seminar completes their studies at ABSParis and our MBAs are now ready to join global companies and help them prepare for their rebound!


We would like to thank all the guest speakers for the quality of their insights and their level of specialized knowledge. They all expressed an expansive passion for their field of expertise, each of them having a different approach.

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