The American Business School in India. After attending the Knowledge Summit in India, co-chaired by President Macron and PM Mody on March 10 & 11, Dean Fady Fadel, who was part of the French delegation, delivered an interview to the French magazine Le Journal du Monde des Grandes Ecoles.

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More and more ABSParis is welcoming students coming from South-East Asia seeking for an American Education and Dual degree programs: American and French. Coming from different backgrounds, these students earn skills and knowledge in English and become outstanding ambassadors of France to their home countries: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.

Now in France 5000 Indian students are enrolled in universities and Engineering, Art and Business Colleges. The goal of the French authorities is to have by 2020 10 thousand Indian students enrolled in France.

Actually the current geopolitical environment – Brexit, decreasing of enrolled International students in the US universities – France may become an attractive Nation for International students seeking for Education and worldwide recognized degrees.

During the Summit, many resolutions had been adopted by both French and Indian Authorities:

  • Recognition of French degrees by the Indian Government
  • Involvement of Indian and French Companies in the university partnerships
  • Learn the French language before coming to France and pursue its learning during the studies in France even though the programs are taught in English
  • Promote the Exchange programs and faculty led programs
  • Promote the research between Indian and French professors

The attractiveness of France towards the Indian students is still part of the Francophone process even if the students are enrolled in programs offered in English. The challenge of France is to have ambassadors of its culture and values with the Indian students who will testify about these assets once they are back home.

India will become the 5th Economic Power in 2018. The partnership with France is strategic in many fields: energy, transport, armament materials, commerce and Education. France is willing to put this partnership in a sustainable frame.

Will India become one day a francophone country? Wait and see…

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