MBA in Information Technology & Data Management

An MBA that gets right to the heart of corporate strategic decision-making.


The MBA in Information Technology & Data Management

The program’s objectives

  • Determine an entity’s major objectives
  • Take part in strategic decisions within the company and negotiate their implementation with the actors involved
  • Supervise projects in accordance with the planned objectives
  • Assume operational managerial responsibilities according to the size of the company, level and hierarchical organization
  • Anticipate needs in material, software and technical resources
  • Hire, coordinate and manage teams
  • Manage the budget of a production entity or company
  • Integrate their work within the company or group’s overall plan
  • Promote and develop the skills of their staff

Skills to acquire by the end of the program

  • Anticipate the evolution of an IT system and create a corporate strategic policy
  • Organize a structure’s development and orient governance according to strategic guidelines
  • Make strategic decisions and unite stakeholders
  • Monitor results and verify that decisions are respected


mba data management

The MBA Program in Information Technology & Data Management

Core curriculum: 6 courses, 18 credits

  • International Business Finance
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Business Law & Ethics
  • International Economics & Micro Markets
  • Strategic Marketing & Branding
  • Intercultural Mgmt & Int’l Negotiation

Specialization: 4 courses, 17 credits

  • ​​​​​​​Corporate Strategy & Technology Management
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Master Planning
    • Advanced Business Planning
  • Project Management
    • Project Mgmt Methodology Frameworks
    • Fundamentals of Cyber Security
    • Design Thinking for IT Innovation
  • IT Innovation & Governance
    • Innovation & Emerging Technologies
    • Digital Transformation
    • Digital Strategy & IT Governance
  • IT Innovation and Governance
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data Warehousing & Data Mining
    • Big Data Architecture & Monetization
    • Outsourcing & Off-Shoring Data & IT

Other courses: 9 credits

  • Business Games
  • Company Case
  • MBA Tour
  • Practical training, thesis & defense

Job opportunities

There are many job opportunities, here are the main ones:

  • Consultant in Information Systems ;
  • Information Systems Manager;
  • Company manager ;
  • Project manager;
  • Director or Head of the Information System Department,
  • Director or Head of an IT division,
  • Director or Head of an IT department,
  • Director or Head of an Information System domain,
  • Director or Head of an Information Technology project,
  • Director or Head of a Data division,
  • Director or Head of a Data project.

Our accreditations


  1. International culture
  2. Multiculturalism in the spotlight
  3. Recognized diplomas
  4. International at the heart of our programs
  5. 100% in English