MBA in Real Estate Management

Real estate markets are becoming more and more complex and are often subject to strong competition. In order to meet this dual challenge, ABSParis proposes: the MBA in Real Estate Management.


The MBA in International Real Estate Management

The content of the MBA covers all essential management functions and is deliberately multidisciplinary.

It emphasizes two complementary skills:

  • Learning all of the techniques necessary for real estate management or real estate investment
  • Learning all of the skills necessary for the overall management of a company

The program is characterized by its methodological diversity, including:

  • classes
  • conferences
  • exercises
  • case studies taken from professional situations

Targeted Skills

The program for the MBA in Real Estate Management trains students in the necessary financial, legal and fiscal techniques in order to pursue a career in real estate management or investment.

It also trains students in the overall management of a business or company.

Graduates will be able to :

  • carry out a real estate activity in an international environment while respecting the legal rules of the country or countries concerned;
  • Evaluate the profitability of an investment and choose the best financing method;
  • participate in real estate financing operations;
  • appraise commercial real estate;
  • manage the occupation of real estate by tenant companies;
  • selling commercial real estate;
  • Managing and administering a real estate business and/or company.
mba real estate


The MBA Program in International Real Estate Management

Core curriculum: 6 courses, 18 credits

  • International Business Finance
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Business Law & Ethics
  • International Economics & Micro Markets
  • Strategic Marketing & Branding
  • Intercultural Mgmt & Intl Negotiation

Specialization: 6 courses, 17 credits

  • Project Management
  • International Partnerships & M&A
  • Comparative Transnational Real Estate Law
  • Individual, Commercial and Real Estate Mgmt
  • Business & Investment Finance for Real Estate
  • Case Studies in Management, Acquisition, Sales

Other courses: 9 credits

  • Business Games
  • Company Case
  • MBA Tour
  • Practical training, thesis & defense


Employment prospects are strong, whether in property management or in investment. This trend is being seen in many countries.

More and more states require property managers to be licensed and have a specific degree to practice their profession.

Our accreditations


  1. International culture
  2. Multiculturalism in the spotlight
  3. Recognized diplomas
  4. International at the heart of our programs
  5. 100% in English