ABS Paris, the global school of international management

ABS Paris-Mauritius offers dual degree programs in Mauritius meeting the standards of US (IACBE) and French (RNCP) accreditations. The new campus offers Mauritian & International students a unique opportunity for international experience and possibilities for a career in global business after their graduation.


The ABS Paris-Mauritius programs are intended for:

  • High school students and international university students aspiring to experience an international program in Mauritius.
  • International students seeking an American education in Mauritius.

All ABS Paris-Mauritius programs are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and sought after qualifications to enter the job market.

The dual recognition of our programs attests to their excellence! All the programs are accredited by the Higher Education Commission in Mauritius.

International Focus: the students of ABS PARIS-MAURITIUS are prepared to become corporate executives, capable of initiative and ready to join and lead multicultural teams.

Strong Values: The school continuously improves the quality of its education and focuses on fostering the values of diversity, tolerance, and social & ethical responsibility.


Uniciti International Education Hub (UIEH) is Medine's education hub that encompasses nursery, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools alongside renowned higher education institutions.

UIEH boasts a wide spectrum of educational offerings that touch every stage of an individual's personal and academic development. Its higher education institutions are part of Medine's vision to build, nurture and expand a pertinent and relevant knowledge-hub in the region. Thus, creating an integrated and international campus, with a distinct focus on the African Continent.

Today, UIEH attracts a fast-growing student population of over 3,000 with 2,600 in higher education alone and 1,100 in our nursery, primary and secondary schools, all attracted by the unique lifestyle and diverse educational offering that our multi-disciplinary and multi-institution campus has to offer.


Advantages of studying in Mauritius

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High-quality international higher-education institutions, unique student lifestyle, facilities and infrastructure

Logo Visa Mauritius


Facilitated delivery of student visas Africa, Asia, EU, UK & USA

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Possibility for international students to work in Mauritius for up 20h/week, foreign student can apply for a 3-year Occupation Permit


Why studying in Mauritius

Nestled in the Indian ocean, off East Africa’s coastline,  Mauritius boasts a strategic location, bridging the African  continent and the sub-Indian continent, the two most  thriving geographical zones accounting for student  population.

Mauritius enjoys a resilient economy, political stability  and sustainable rankings in Africa. Its dynamism and  diversification strategies have led to pioneering industries  and sustainable undertakings, hence with Education as  a new pillar of growth. Mauritius has positioned itself to  become a knowledge hub and a reference for the region  and Africa.

Tapping into its rich cultural diversity and unique traits  amidst the African landscape, Mauritius portraits itself  as a multi-ethnic melting pot and features an overall  environment conducive to the development of a new  generation of leaders.

A conducive environment for an international education hub

Mauritius connects to the rest of the world through a good air access policy, has an  adequately developed infrastructure, reliable communication network and a well-  educated workforce that is equally fluent in English and French.