How the Sport Study Program combines academic success and sporting excellence!

If you dream of pursuing a professional sports career, the American Business School of Paris is pleased to introduce the Business & Golf Academy program to give you a BIG head start!


What is the "Section Sportive"?

Those who dream of a successful career in elite sports need to plan their academic studies very carefully in order to make this exciting project a reality. In France, high school students can opt for the physical education, sports practices and culture specialization. (« éducation physique, pratiques et culture sportives » in French).

However, the best option remains the popular "Section Sportive", a program that allows students to combine studies and sports through adapted class schedules to allow intensive training. Contrary to what one would intuitively expect, the course load in a Sport Study program is similar to that of conventional programs. Therefore, students who choose the "Section Sportive" must demonstrate motivation, organizational skills and resilience to excel in both sports and studies. In France, the "Section Sportive" covers a wide range of sports including soccer, swimming, golf, rugby, trampoline, etc.

Altus Performance, the American Business School of Paris Golf Academy

To help you achieve your goals, the American Business School of Paris has designed the Business & Golf Academy program. In this 3-year post-graduate program, you will study the fundamentals of international business through the core curriculum of the Bachelor in Sports Management. Your schedule is adjusted to allow you to play golf at a high level.

You will have the opportunity to follow a course of excellence that will give you the skills you need for your future profession while practicing golf intensively! And here's the icing on the cake: at the end of your training, you'll get a double diploma : 

  • the certified title "Sales and Marketing Manager" registered with the French RNCP 
  • an American Bachelor's degree !

With such a resume, you will stand out from other candidates and kick-start your international career!

Come and meet our team to find out more about this program and the other courses offered by the American Business School of Paris!